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To protect and enhance the future of our game by allowing every ballplayer to live a better life during and after their careers.


Many minor league ballplayers are currently forced to locate and pay for their own housing during the season. More Than Baseball helps players access affordable housing and purchase basic living essentials like a mattress and cooking accessories.


Many are unaware that minor leaguers are often responsible for purchasing their own bats, batting gloves, fielding gloves, and cleats during a season. Funds raised by More Than Baseball go to providing stipends and discounted gear to these ballplayers.


Players require optimal nutrition to perform at their best and a gift to More Than Baseball will allow players access to free and discounted meals, snacks, and supplements for before and after games.


For minor leaguers, a career after baseball leaves little for much else on a resume. MTB provides career and financial services to all ballplayers to give them skills to succeed both on and off the field.